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Why Should we Choose Not to Vaccinate?

WHY SHOULD WE CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE? The subject of having ourselves and our infants vaccinated is a very heated and controversial one. Some argue that vaccines are necessary, safe, and effective while others including highly educated doctors argue that vaccines are very dangerous, unnecessary, and ineffective. But do we really know who is right and wrong? Do we simply believe that it is ‘a little bit of both’? Do we ever ask ourselves if what we’ve been advised to believe by the medical industry, the media, and society really true and can we trust them when there’s profit motive involved? Aside from the controversy, it may be possible to find common ground in the agreement that all of us ultimately want what is right for each other, especially our children and we would like to see them grow up to be extremely strong and healthy. In that spirit, what this mailer will attempt to do is bring light to the topic of vaccinations by providing unheard of and uncommon information to some of the more prevailing questions people may have such as: Are vaccines truly safe and effective? What is the liquid made up of that they inject into our bloodstream? Is that liquid dangerous to our health and does it suppress the immune system? Do vaccines cause cancer and mutations in our genetic cells? How do they affect our body’s vital organs and nervous system thus emotions & behavior? Are vaccinations only a ploy in our money driven society to keep people sick in order to make billions of dollars off of medications and shots? My wife and I wrote this paper as part of a research project that we embarked upon when our first son was born in 2004. We were highly concerned about the pain that Western medicine through their common so-called “care” would subject our son so early on in life to upon arriving in this world through things like circumcision and vaccinations. This innately instinctive response to protect our newborn lead us to use our education to study these so-called “normal” things they do to children and in doing so our whole belief system was shaken to the core. This was the beginning of a very informative and intriguing educational journey that has changed our lives forever and we thank our kids for this. What’s more is that we have come to the conclusion that we cannot remain passive by keeping this new found knowledge to ourselves and so we have made a conscious decision to share it with you and the community. It has not been easy. When this paper was first issued we had many very angry parents who criticized us. It was a bit shocking because the criticism was not so much about the contents of this paper but our decision to share our knowledge with others. These people were upset because they did not ask for us to tell them these things and felt that we had no business telling them that vaccinations are deadly. We understood where this anger was coming from. Our understanding comes from having many experiences as activists with people who are dismissive without question, without research, without reading further into or about subjects that challenge the established order of things. This is always happening to us but what keeps us moving forward, especially with challenging the idea of vaccinations is that we try to remember what an important thinker who we honor greatly once said, “people are not making a statement about me they’re making a statement about themselves. The idea that they can come to definite conclusions about something without even looking at it… I mean, do you claim to be in control of your own mind? It is not my job to persuade you. I don’t want to persuade you. The point is that there is a gathering mass of evidence to support this information. You have a conditioned mind that can be reconditioned if you so choose. But any conditioned mind that says, “I am not going to look at the evidence. I’m just going to dismiss it because it is so different”, is a conditioned mind that is unbelievably imprisoned while thinking it is free. We are given a conditioned reality that is so different from what’s actually happening that the gap, that chasm between what we’re conditioned from cradle to grave to believe is reality, the movie screen and what’s going on, is so great that many people can’t make that leap and that’s not by accident that’s by design.” This is important to remember with regard to vaccines especially in our current fear driven world. It concerns us greatly that people are dismissive without question particularly now with everyone rushing to get a FREE Flu shot and encouraging others to do the same. We should take a step back and ask questions, share information, and allow knowledge to rein supreme not fear. Please try to keep an open mind. We do not want to increase any fears that anyone may have. This is not our intention. As parents we have made a genuine attempt to study, discuss, read, research, and honestly debate this issue with others especially since we have had to make courageous decisions, sometimes against traditional advice from professionals, family, and friends where the health and well-being of our sons Kinan & Illimani is concerned. We do not take this matter lightly. It is not a joke. We have thought long and hard about sending this information out to all of you and as you can tell we decided to go ahead and share what we’ve learned with you and hopefully it will make all of us more informed and aware. We would like to begin by listing some of the ingredients that are in vaccines: • Formaldehyde – (a carcinogen – a cancer causing substance and agent) Used in embalming fluids, it can cause allergic reactions on both an immediate and delayed (later in life) hypersensitivity basis, leading to potentially chronic immune system problems. • Prenol – (also a carcinogen) May cause paralysis, convulsions, coma and necrosis and gangrene (both are forms of the death of living tissue) • Aluminum Phosphate – A toxic heavy metal that causes brain damage. It is found in a wide range of vaccines and has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other nervous system disorders. • Antibiotics – Used to prevent bacterial contamination but have the potential to sterilize the entire human body and destroy all of the healthy bacteria necessary for digestion and assimilation of foods, the prevention of diarrhea, and all healthy immune system responses. Antibiotics have been traced to being the cause of severe allergic reactions. Hay fever, asthma (an immune system disease), eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia (pain disorder characterized by tenderness and stiffness of muscles and connective tissue), multiple sclerosis and psoriasis have all been associated with vaccines and bad food. Interesting that if our doctors advise us to keep certain irritating foods away from kids who have these conditions doesn’t it also make sense for our doctors to advise us to choose not to expose our kids to shots that have ingredients that can cause these conditions? Instead, they prescribe all sorts of over the counter medications, inhaler’s, pumps and pills that poison, pollute, and clog our bodies up with toxins that further break down our natural and most powerful immune system. • Foreign Genetic Material (Chick, Monkey, & Human Tissue from Embryos) – Cells used in the production of vaccines by growing (culturing) the material on the cell-lines of aborted fetuses or organs. This is dangerous because by injecting other animal tissue/cells into our body there is a risk of infestation of the shot by various viruses that can be transferred to us that the animals may have. This can cause deadly diseases in us and can have such a long latency period (waiting or storing itself in our body tissue before showing up as a deadly disease or symptom thereof) that trying to make a connection to receiving a vaccine as a baby or child is almost impossible to detect. Once injected into an infant, the virus could stay dormant for many years, only to surface at age forty as brain cancer…words of wisdom to those who would say, “my child and I both have been vaccinated and we turned out just fine”. A virus can infect any cell in our body and cause malignant transformation: In other words, a virus can change a healthy cell into one that is malignant (cancerous). • Thimerosal – a preservative containing MERCURY. This particular toxic heavy metal has been the subject of all of the current articles in the L.A. Times and other leading publications seeking to provide information that convicts vaccine companies for knowingly putting extremely high amounts of this for years in shots. It is a dangerously deadly poison and has been found to be the cause of toxic build up in the body & brain that leads to mental retardation, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, strokes, tumors, convulsions, and death. In Fact, the destruction and poisoning of our children’s bodies has been happening so much to so many people that the Federal government along with various health departments have had to set up a special billion dollar fund for compensation to families who have suffered from poisoning. With the help of basic definitions like this explaining what is in the liquid that is injected into babies & adults through shots, we can begin to get an idea of just how important it is as parents to be armed with knowledge in order to make better choices to protect ourselves and our children by opting-out-of vaccine programs or saying NO to those who try to make us believe that so-called ‘immunizations’ are absolutely required for us to be able to be totally protected from sickness, disease, and death. None of us have to go to medical school or be doctors to know this. After further researching the subject on your own you will find that vaccines are against natural processes and impede our body’s natural ability to fight off disease. Furthermore, the strong chemical ingredients in shots suppress and weaken our extremely powerful natural immune system which in turn actually makes us more susceptible to diseases. You’ll also come to know that it is not a coincidence that vaccinated children suffer more from infection, colds, ear infections, and allergies than unvaccinated children. In little children vaccines also cause the brain to swell. During the period after the vaccines are administered, brain swelling increases and children often prematurely lose their soft spot in their cranium because the blood brain barrier is not fully developed. This is believed to be one of the reasons that unvaccinated children walk sooner, talk sooner, and have a higher degree of manual dexterity at an earlier age because their minds have not been assaulted by the neurotoxins that most “normal “ children receive. Furthermore, unvaccinated children stand a much better chance of avoiding disease, especially if at arrival they are breastfed and as they grow are given whole organic raw fruits & vegetables on a daily basis. Since their immune system has not been altered, assaulted, or tampered with their bodies have been allowed to gradually build up a natural defense against sickness through slow exposure over time in life to bacteria. Not bombarding and swamping their bloodstream and vital organs with a massive amount of shots beginning at birth and continuing on from 2 months through early childhood and into adulthood in the form of flu shots is vital to their quality of life. You must also know that vaccines are a very powerful neurotoxin and have been associated with many neurological disorders such as paralysis, convulsions, ADD, hyperactivity, autism, mental retardation, depression, anxiety, paralysis, Guillan-Barre Syndrome (muscle weakness & paralysis), dyslexia, deafness, blindness, and SIDS (sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Vaccinations lower IQ as well as contribute to the evident mental disorders and neurological diseases listed here. The relationship between vaccinations and neurological diseases has always surfaced in medical articles ever since the arrival of mass vaccination programs. Autism was unheard of before vaccinations, and ADD and learning disorder in children are now being traced to childhood vaccinations. Most importantly, brain damage is by far the most common adverse reaction associated with vaccinations, although their actual numbers are not often reported correctly. Receiving shots does not prevent us from getting sick. Even children who have been fully vaccinated have still ended up contracting the diseases and sicknesses that they were given shots for. Medical literature documents a surprisingly high incidence of vaccine failures in vaccinated populations for measles, mumps, small pox, influenza, and polio (which the vaccine is still administered for even though it has been almost entirely eradicated in the world). Vaccines never have been what eliminated deadly diseases in history. Good diet and hygiene are responsible for that and continue to be so, although it is very hard for all of us to live by today because of all of the industrial/ environmental conditions we are exposed to and the corporate poisons pushed upon us for profit such as soda, candy, ice cream, cookies, cakes, fried foods, dead meats like pork & beef, fast foods, and drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) that are consumed. Believe me, choosing not to vaccinate my children has made us often have to go without comfort foods and be highly responsible with what we choose to buy and bring into our home for our children to eat because we know that their health and well being ultimately resides with us and not the government or private medical corporations. We chose to view sickness and how to cure it in a much different way. There is a fundamental problem with how sickness is approached by these entities. The media and traditional doctor’s office visits don’t help us when getting sick is always seen as a weakness instead of a way of building up our immune system and eventually making us stronger. The reality of life is omitted when proper nutrition (the only way our body has to boost immunity) is devalued and belittled. Traditional medicine has been attacked too. For instance, plant medicine/herbs are seen as old-fashion and dangerous and any method of healing (curing) outside of Western based medicine is immediately attacked, joked about, mistrusted or discouraged. Why have we lost our connection to nature? We have been conditioned through the use of fear to believe that we cannot cure ourselves naturally. We’d like you to also consider that a much sinister reality is at play. Today huge drug corporations control the medical industry and their poisonous preventative measures for profit to keep us from getting sick is truly going about trying to be healthy in the wrong way. In fact, the major corporate vaccine producing companies like Baxter who make millions if not billions of dollars churning out poisonous cocktails in the form of shots are doing the entire world population a disservice. Knowing what I know now about vaccines, profit before people schemes, the military industrial complex being tied into vaccine production, and the history of depopulation methods and the purposeful poisoning of people of color such as small pox in Native Americans and Syphilis in Blacks, I would not hesitate to say that mass genocide for profit has been and is being conducted through vaccinations and we do not want to perpetuate this or be victims of it. To recap, it is vital to know that injection of toxic agents to produce health is not sensible at all. It is just as unnecessary as giving a laboring mother and her unborn child a drug to numb the natural pain of a healthy birth and then calling that drug “help” or “medicine” when it is not. Vaccines like drugs can change the body’s function and metabolism in many important ways, but none are for the better. Altering vital body functions are not beneficial to us. Decreased resistance is one of the risks associated with vaccines and the benefits of those vaccines hardly outweigh the cost. Health comes only by living a healthy lifestyle in accordance with nature and getting the proper nutrients the body needs. In this sense vaccines prevent health and cause death. Please do not be scared into receiving them! Misinformation is worse than no information! It is our body and our choice! Please, let us be wise and choose health! *Some sources used in the collection of information for this paper and for your further research are: 1. Association for Vaccine-Damaged Children – Manitoba (67 Shier, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3R 2H2. Tel: 204-8959192 2. Association for Vaccine –Damaged Children – Ontario (116 Ashhurst Crescent Hampton. ON. Canada, L6V 3N9. Tel: 416-454-2237 3. Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research - Coordinator: Mr. John Leso (P.O. Box 234 Lawson, NSW 2783 Australia. Tel: 61 (047) 58-6822 Email: 4. 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Vaccine Information & Awarness (VIA) – Karin Schumacher, Director (792 Pineview Drive, San Jose, Ca. 95117) Tel: 408-554-9053 email: website: 12. Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (439 Wellington St., Suite 5 Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 1E9) Tel: 416-280-6035 (VRAN News is published quarterly) 13. Vaccines & Alternatives (485 Montford Dr. Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QB, Canada, H9G 1M7) Tel: 514-483-2959 14. Vaccine Awareness Network, NSW (VAN) – Coordinator: Meryl Dorey (P.O. Box 177 Bangalow, NSW 2479 Australia) Tel: 066-871-699 email: *Disclaimer All information provided in this email is provided for educational, referential and informational purposes only. It is considered a “non-medical” source of information and is not intended to be used for diagnosing, prescribing, treating, curing or preventing any disease or illness or individual health problem or to replace expert care by a qualified medical practitioner. Consult your own physician regarding the treatment of any medical condition. You are encouraged to consult other sources and confirm the information contained in this email. Having said all that for legal purposes, I really do encourage you to research natural medicines, because after all it is your health we're talking about.

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