Thursday, April 18, 2013


The Human Rights of Indigenous People as Workers The history of indigenous people on this continent and the world over for that matter is one of freedom of movement, trade, barter, and not withstanding human conflicts a relationship of commonality and peaceful coexistence. Enter the Europeans and their invasions, colonization, genocidal wars, and exploitation. Throughout the duration of a 521 year occupation of our continent indigenous humans have suffered primarily as a consequence of being used for labor power to extract and turn over to the occupiers all of the wealth from our natural resources and this includes the value of our labor kept by the colonizer. This led to a vast removal of our ability to provide for ourselves and gave the invaders the ability to not only control our lives and destiny but send what they stole back to their homeland and enrich their kings & queens. It also gave them the power to build and maintain a powerful empire right here on our own land artificially known as the so-called “Americas”. From 1492 to the present the European strain of the human family has been able to, in a major way, develop and solidify the structures of empire here and globally exactly because indigenous people on this side of the world have made that possible as a result of a forced exploitative, abusive, and uneven financial relationship between oppressor and oppressed. How has this been possible? What gave them their mandate or their so-called legal right if any to invade, colonize, exploit, and kill others to gain total control over land, resources, and other human beings? To understand the history of slavery, feudalism, capitalism, colonialism and imperialism we must look directly to what they have codified into law that their deep belief in white supremacy created. Now as then, they establish and maintain their rule and false power over others through a superiority complex and belief that their God gives them the “divine right” to rule. In our history classes it is taught that this is called “Manifest Destiny” but what is not taught is that this comes from a much more sinister law they created known as the Doctrine of Discovery. Through this doctrine they believe they are destined to rule over all of humanity and that their God gives them the right to establish ownership over the earth and everything they touch. This in simple language is a belief or a system of beliefs codified into canonical law that is rooted in white supremacy. It is the psychological fuel and vehicle that normalizes, gives life to, and carries on colonialism as we know it. In all of the major European enslaving countries such as England, France, Spain and Portugal there is a long and deep tradition and belief in the worship and subservience to kings and queens. These so-called “Royals” with the deep backing and support from the world’s most powerful churches, especially the Vatican, created the Doctrine of Discovery through Papal law which basically in their minds gives them the right to total domination over people and lands outside of their jurisdiction (i.e. our hemisphere). Thus, these ruling European families or “Royal Crowns” sent out their armies, henchmen, criminals, thieves, and murderers in every direction of the earth and for the past five centuries have raped and pillaged mother earth and her indigenous children. Today, there is a political, economic, military, and spiritual loyalty to these kings and queens by the entire power structure and their representatives in Canada as a colony of the British Crown, in the U.S. as a pseudo colony of the same crown, and in Mexico, Central America, and South America as pseudo colonies of the Spanish branch of the royal family crown. This has led to the Doctrine of Christian Discovery manifesting in current policy through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement), and the WTO (World Trade Organization) as the governing body overseeing, implementing, and legalizing the economic system of exploitation through wage slavery. Since the business and military agents of the royal families occupying our lands and territories can no longer control labor through open slavery they have established powerful international organizations and governing bodies that develop legal methods to successfully seek through so-called “immigration reform” to establish global guest worker programs thereby legitimizing theft under the guise of free-trade and sanctioning the practice of human servitude. This has been rightly called “Transient Servitude”. The WTO has developed and is developing massive infrastructure and international guidelines for this transient servitude program that serves as guidelines for participating countries on a national level. The Doctrine of Discovery is their original law establishing the divine right to rule and every single one of the military, economic, financial, and political agencies, parties, and organizations promote, preserve, and enforce it both knowingly and unknowingly. Today’s immigration issue is intimately intertwined and connected to this doctrine. To overlook this connection in our attempt to dismantle white supremacy, colonialism, and imperialism would be a grave mistake. As indigenous people trying to develop a collective continental strategy to free ourselves and humanity from the death grip of white supremacy and everything Europeans have done to legalize and institutionalize it in order to continue their enslavement of the human race and mother earth because they are convinced that they have a “divine right to rule” we must see the Doctrine of Discovery and labor exploitation as one. It would be a serious mistake if we do not take the fight and struggle in the national courtrooms to dismantle white supremacy out onto the international battle field and put an immediate stop to the WTO and render NAFTA and CAFTA null and void. This is where and when we begin to expand our movement and tie our struggle into the struggle of the international working class in the fight to overcome racism and eliminate capitalism and imperialism thereby getting on with our evolution, protection, and preservation of mother earth. If the 5,125 year galactic alignment of 2012 teaches us anything it is that the indigenous people of the earth will lead the way in this struggle. As we see today in the struggle of our brothers and sisters in Canada in resistance to the colonial control of the British Crown and that ugly queen, we will not remain idle in our attempt to break down the structures of white supremacy and empire both regionally and globally in order to assert our right to self-determination with regard to not only our territorial jurisdiction but to our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Together we must coordinate and compliment our efforts continentally to ensure that our laws, our treaties, and our way of life is acknowledged, accepted, respected, and protected for all eternity. ATTEND THE DISMANTLING THE DOCTRINE OF DISCOVERY CONFERENCE IN GLENDALE, ARIZONA ON APRIL 19 & 20, 2013! (Arizona State University – West Campus)

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